Our Team

The team at Challenge Birds consists of highly motivated, knowledgeable and committed professionals. We take on and sustain only the best in the industry professionals.

Our experience

It allows us to analyse your needs quickly and thus deliver on our promises faster than our competitors, without costing as much. Our staff is full time and committed to our clients not a wandering band of sub contractors interested only in working for as many hours as possible. We form long-lasting and solid relationships with our clients, which translates into their success.

Honesty and Transparency

We drive honesty and transparency throughout within and outside the circle as we believe that non-transparency leads to darkness. Being transparent in each step is the most essential assessment and evaluation method. We put forward the correct project progress report to the client and during the whole project development and you will never feel any difference between our working and report. We make available the complete project progress information report any time you want.

Our Teamwork

Our Teamwork is strategically driven by the excellent performance either through the work of an individual or the whole team. We admire and support the team determination. Team vision is drives the efforts of all the individuals in the organization.

Our People

We follow a people driven process as we consider they are the foundation of our business structure and success. People are encouraged to think freely and to come up with positive feedback or suggestions for the development of the organization. Discussions and correct communication are given the major substance in the organization. We appreciate people performance intelligibility and fairness. We offer identical possibility to all our employees and frequently encourage them to develop their skills.